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Patients Reviews

Patients share their experiences and views about  prenatal care at Tanushree Divine Garbhasanskar. An annual event “Sneha Melava” is organized to strenthen the bond we share with our patients.

What patients say:

Dear Dr. Supriya Madam,

You are a Source of Positive Energy and Love.☀
You are the person who has played vital role in my pregnancy period.
You have played role of my mother as well as my grandmother.
I never found you angry throughout our garbhasanskar classes, You are the person who is very calm and cool.
I appreciate dedication and hard work which you are taking in your day to day life for patients. (I can say Patient word is not appropriate here, because you never treat any pregnant lady like patient, you always treat patient like your daughter).
I must say Supriya mam is ‘AAI (Mother)’ for every pregnant woman.
You look always so energetic and fresh even you are having busy schedule.
Hats off to You Madam

Now about ‘Tanushree Garbhasanskar Classes’:
✅Eye catching and Beautiful interior of the Classrooms
✅The place is having All the Positive Energy which we require.
✅During classes I learnt Importance of meditation, Music therapy, and color therapy in pregnancy.
✅Mam has shared very important Knowledge about health and beauty care during Pregnancy and post pregnancy.
✅I always found so much movements of my baby when I was in Garbhasanskar Class .
✅Whenever I need help or treatment that time when I used to visit Supriya Madam, at this point half of my pain got recovered when I talk with Madam.
✅Madam has shared very Nice and Melodious Songs/Poems with us which will Make me Smile throughout LIFE and also thanks to ‘om shanti ‘ for nice songs such as “Ye Mat Kaho khudase, Meri Mushkilay badi hain”.

Thanks Supriya Madam and Tanushree Garbhasanskar classes for everything and for always being there for me.

Also thanks to Mrs. Shila for all her co-operation and support

Wish you all the best to Team Tanushree…


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