Congratulations, another crucial phase of your pregnancy has been successfully completed. You might experience false labor contractions that help the uterus to prepare for the approaching birth. Low back pain continues to cause discomfort hence doing simple pelvic exercise helps to relax. Shortness of breath due to enlarged uterus also continues to occur.


  • Tightness of abdomen/its relaxation at irregular intervals


  • Sense of joy in feeling your little one by both you and your partner

Your Baby:

This is the last week of the second trimester. Her skin becomes more smoother. Eyelids become unfused as the retinas are fully formed. The babys eyes begin to open around this time. Hands are active and muscle contractions are such that can get a thumb into the mouth.

Thumb sucking calms the baby and strengthens the cheek and jaw muscles. The feet is also formed.