During week 28 you will notice your weight gain to remain fairly constant from this point onwards. Some women will receive a RhoGAM injection if tested Rh-negative at the start of pregnancy. This will prevent your body from becoming sensitized to your baby’s blood.


  • Stretch marks continue to appear
  • Energy  drain / tiredness


  • Delight about the baby shower ceremony

Your Baby:

The hair on the head is now clearly visible. The milk teeth have developed under the gums. The eyes are starting to move in their sockets.

When a pregnant woman has completed seven months of gestation, the baby is assumed to be viable and in a safe phase. So, the celebration is usually at the end of the seventh month to welcome the little one to the family and literally fill the “mother-to-be’s” lap with gifts and fruits to bless her with abundant joys of motherhood. The Godh bharai is a great occasion to build a support group of close friends and relatives to help you through the last pregnancy trimester.