Tanushree Divine Garbhasanskar Center

Tanushree Divine Garbhasanskar

Tanushree divine garbhasanskar is a center providing you the best of prenatal care and medication. At our prenatal care center we focus on the spiritual , medical and traditional aspects of garbhasanskar.

Pregnancy is an incredible journey which marks the beginning of of new life. During this phase we help you get the best of prenatal care and prenantal medication. At our garbha sanskar center your journey will be  full of love, care happiness and satisfaction. We are here to travel this way together, With understanding, sharing and enjoyment during pregnancy.

Tanushree Divine Garbhasanskar center is located in the heart of Pune City. We  provides you an ambience full of peace and serenity.

Our prenatal care center in Pune can provide you with:

  • Garbhasanskar :Sanskars for healthy, happy, smart and intelligent child.
  • Meditation Zone : A completely divine environment for calmness of mind.
  • Relaxing Zone : A healthy environment with bliss, happiness, purity for you and your baby.
  • Reading Zone : An informative collection of books and CD’s for enlightenment of mind.
  • Traditional Equipments : Exercise for your mind and body in a ethnic  manner.
  • Consulting : Special guidelines from Handwriting Analyst for enhancing our potentials for progress.
  • Yoga Zone : Special Hasya yoga technique to add laughter and lovely colors  in your family.


“A place where we just don’t treat, we care. “

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About Tanushree Hospital

Tanushree Hospital is located in Sangvi ,Pune. Here we provides you best of prenatal as well as postnatal medical care for the mother and baby. At Tanushree Hospital  you can benefit from :

  • A well equipped hospital
  • A team of expert for all types of surgical and gynecological problems
  • Guidelines for prenatal antenatal and postnatal check-ups
  • Garbhsanskar programs for the mother and baby
  • Immunization for the babies
  • All types of laproscopic surgeries
  • Expert opinion from skin, orthopedic, surgical and physicians, consultants