Pregnancy FAQs 

1st month

 Q Mother-to-be-to-be: How does my baby look in first month?

A Doctor: Congratulations!! our first month baby is very small . when you do sonography it looks like a very slimy bean like character. Butwhat is important is that though all the body parts are not seen ,they are present and will be seen in next two months.

Q Mother-to-be: Are the changes I am experiencing inside me normal?

A Doctor : Yes, as the baby is now growing inside you, you will experience new feelings. Feeling of loss of appetite and weakness too. You might feel tired . You will feel some changes in your breasts.They will increase in size and sometimes are painful. Please don’t worry if you feel irritable and depressed as these are all due to hormonal changes inside you. But remember if you have severe pain in abdomen or reddish discharge from vagina please consult your doctor immediately.

Q Mother-to-be : what care should I take to avoid these complaints ?

A Doctor : Early morning when you get up eat some dry snacks like toast ,bisquits,rajgira puffed flakes. Have liquids frequently and have small quantity of meals at regular intervals. Walk for a short distance daily since it will improve tone of your muscles.For medication folic acid tablet to be taken daily.

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