Dr Supriya Gugle

Dr Supriya Gugle is practicing in Pune as a Gynaecologist and Infertility specialist since last 20 years. Has got special interest in pregnancy and antenatal care , garbhasanskar and post natal care.

Visited as a faculty for conducting lectures  at The Israeli Centre of Ayurveda , Telaviv twice.

presented research paper on Garbhsanskar in World conference of Ayurveda and Yoga at Dubai.

Dr Supriya Gugle has been conducting workshops for the would be mothers since last 12 years . almost 1500 women being benefited by the workshop.

Actually when people are told  regarding the sanskars they just feel  its only chanting mantra , but no its not true. This workshop is a course where the pregnant lady is trained in such a manner which is beneficial for physical , mental and spiritual growth of both mother and the baby.

For PhD a special project on the mothers who have a history of abortions is been worked out .With the positive result the project is a real success.

The best award  achieved is a smart , healthy , intelligent , sanskari  child  in every mother’s lap.



Gynecology and Infertility


Awarded Ph.D  for her work in antenatal care


Member of International Academy of Ayurveda.(IAA)

Member of medical wing of Bramhakumaris. Working as a team member in the special project of Garbhsanskar .