Frequently Asked Questions

3rd  month

Q Mother-to-be: How does my baby look in sonography.?

A Doctor: In sonography you can see five buds , one for head ,two for legs and two for hands are developed. As the baby is growing now the placenta and umbilical cord are formed completely and are taking care of supplying nutrition. At the end of this month your baby will looks like a human embryo.

Q Mother-to-be: Why am I feeling that my frequency of urine has increased?

A Doctor : Actually the baby is growing so it is giving pressure on the bladder .you might get constipated stools. For that you can eat 10-12 dried black grapes soaked in water every night. Your hunger might increase in the night time.

Q Mother-to-be: Should I take some extra care?

A Doctor: Just concentrate on fresh fruits and fruit juices. Clothes what you wear should be of cotton and comfortable with fresh



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