Your abdomen is enlarged, spine is softened and curved. Adopting a correct sitting and standing posture is necessary to prevent energy drain. This also helps in toning your abdominal and pelvic muscles.


  • Increased urge to eat / drink
  • Increase in body weight
  • Heartburn/ Constipation


  • Anxiety to catch glimpse of developing baby
  • More emotionally attached to your baby

Your Baby:

Vernix (a white cheese like protective material) forms on the baby’s skin along with the lanugo, a soft light pigmented hair covering the body and limbs, both help to protect your baby’s skin during the months in water.

Your baby may be startled by the loud noise of blood moving through the umbilical cord. Tiny air sacs called alveoli begin to form in lungs and the vocal chords are formed. Baby goes through the motions of crying but without air doesn’t make a sound; yet. The leg bones and inner ear bones are the first to harden.