Pregnancy FAQs

2nd  month

 Q Mother-to-be: My tummy is not growing my baby alright?

A Doctor: Though the baby has got his own shape, the baby is still inside the pelvis and not that big so that the abdominal size will change. Lungs, intestines, heart, liver are still developing. Digestive cardiovascular and neurological systems are not fully developed.

Q Mother-to-be: Doctor , I am not able to eat , having headache and getting angry .Will it affect my child ?

A Doctor: Actually you are not eating properly because of nausea and hyperacidity. Due to hormonal changes you may be going

through lot of emotional conflicts .Don’t worry at all, eat slowly, also don’t eat spicy and oily foods. Try to meditate.

Q Mother-to-be: Can I attend my office everyday? Can I do my regular household work?

A Doctor: of course! You can do your normal routine work .The only thing is don’t exert yourself too much. You have to check your blood urine and get a sonography done.



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